Holly Rebeiro, Samuel BarrIE & Paul Matereke


Blue Ribbons is a lyrical tribute to Sydney Park and the community members fighting for its survival amidst the massive WestConnex highway expansion. Nestled between the inner city suburbs of AlexandrIa, Newtown and Erskineville; Sydney Park has reincarnated itself with each generation. Formerly a brick pit and then a garbage tip, it is now an important green space amidst the city but its future is uncertain. Blue Ribbons draws its title from the many trees wrapped with blue ribbons by local protesters, identify the plant life scheduled to be cut down by WestConnex. The film is bursting with heart and community advocate Holly Rebeiro emerges as much needed sage for our generation.

Directed by Paul Matereke

Shot by Benjamin Ling

Edited by Paul Matereke

Music by Paul Matereke 

Filmed in Sydney, Australia


10 Minutes

Rated G

Available through Treason Flowers


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