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David McBride



David McBride is a former Australian Defence Force lawyer, who gained notoriety for leaking materials exposing war crimes committed by members of Australia’s Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan. After reporting his findings through the necessary chain of command to no avail, McBride offered his findings to journalists at the ABC. ‘The Afghan Files’ include multiple incidents of Special Forces troops killing unarmed civilians, including children and raised wider concerns around the “warrior culture” of Australia’s Special Forces.

Declassified explores David's daily struggle with mental health, compounded by the looming threat of reprisal at the hands of a punitive government. Despite the proverbial Sword of Damocles dangling over his head, David finds solace in the knowledge that his crusade is fortified by his own personal moral standpoint.

Directed by Paul Matereke
Produced by Paul Matereke & Noel Matereke 

Edited by Paul Matereke & Sean Burns
Music by Paul Matereke

Sound Kevin Ho
Cinematography Benjamin Ling
24 Minutes
Rated PG


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