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Cooper hall, angela zhou & dennis vichidvongsa


Behind the kind eyes of a gentle, unassuming fellow... lies the depraved, loathsome delusions of a lunatic. LAY DOWN AND ROT will put a face to the pernicious musings of a sordid internet creep. Based on a real story from the now banned subreddit r/incel, the film explores ownership in a digital world. Follow this detestable chap, as reality collides with his own puzzling fantasy in the search for love.

Lay Down and Rot confronts the uncomfortable truth of male loneliness in a digital world. One such outcome is Jason, a bitter young man emboldened by the especially malignant brand of nihilism found only in the seediest corners of online forums. Hidden in plain sight, their crude ideology is characterised by a rejection of modernity, a defeatist attitude and an unwavering disdain for western women. Journey into the mind of this 20-something curmudgeon as he attempt to find an unfortunate mate.

Written, Directed & Produced by Sean Burns 

Cinematography by Benjamin Ling
Music by 
Edited by Sean Burns

Production Design by Marcella Tattersall
Camera Assist Nick Payne
Assistant Director Dominic Stone
Makeup by Natasha Rose
Shot on Kodak Vision3 stock

Rated MA


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