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SHORT film


Darby judd, Barbara Hastings & Kevin Hall

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How well do you know your past? Can you tell that of others? What makes a memory worth visiting? Or any place for that matter? No Smoking, No Pets is a puzzling expedition into the realm of the unknown. A journey with a man who's motivation is a mystery, possibly even to himself. We're placed at a bizarre Motel, lost in time and devoid of place. Amongst the twilight, we're met with strange characters who's presence only further confuses; but why have we been led here? Follow along to answer these questions and many more. Just remember the rules: no smoking, no pets.

Directed by Richard Hall

Produced by Isabelle Seeto 

Edited by Sean Burns

Animation & VA Composition by Sean Burns

Music by Paul Matereke

Sound by Out of Sight Sound Designs

Filmed at West Mayfield, New South Wales


12 Minutes


Available through Milk Beach Creative


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