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Experimental SHORT FILM


Miguel Sebastian, Dominic Stone & Bernadette Eichner

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The New Untouchables is the 7-minute fever dream by Sydney filmmaker, Sean Burns. The film transposes key plot points from Kafka's Metamorphosis  in order to address the rapidly changing role of religion in society. Moreover, this satirical mindfuck concerns deeper issues of demonisation and cultural entropy, which sees the deterioration and ultimate destruction of once precious ideas. Gregor Samsa is an unassuming young home-dweller who lives with his parents. He is an upstanding, respected member of his community, until one morning he awakes to find he has been inexplicably transformed into a clergyman. Now he must live out the remainder of his life in service to the church and accept whatever stigma may come with that. Set in the very-near future, the film banks on an even more extreme disdain for the Catholic church than today.

Directed by Sean Burns 

Produced by Sean Burns 

Edited by Sean Burns 

Animation & VA Composition by Sean Burns

Music by Sean Burns 

Filmed in Sydney, Australia


7 Minutes


Available through Treason Flowers


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